Positive Energy

Quartz crystal bullet necklace (small)

African Map Ankh Necklace

Men/women stainless steal/ 18k plated gold African map Ankh cross pendent

Ankh Necklaces

Its all about love & life. This was the cross in ancient times. The upper loop means birth passage (life). The T means sacred opening. If you go back in past times you will see Africans Gods & Goddess, Kings & Queen with the Ankh. Throughout history the Ankh was changed to just have the t shape. The meanings also changed.

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Its is very important to me to know that this company takes pride in the spirituality of each piece they sell.


The Elekes are made very well and I know that they are made with love and trust.


The black Ankh is a symbol of my culture and represents me as an African.


Goddess of Ase'